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Schemer Kings - A Scheme Grand Strategy Game About Scheming

Schemer Kings is a text-based grand strategy game, written in Scheme for the Lisp Game Jam 2017 (easy mode). The player takes the role of the leader of a great family, scheming their way to political, economic and military domination of the continent. Continue the heritage of your dynasty, manage your territories and build your empire, crushing or assimilating your enemies in the process.

Source code available on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/Druid-of-Luhn/schemer-kings

Building and Running

Before compiling, make sure you have the required eggs:

chicken-install ansi-escape-sequences data-structures ioctl srfi-1 srfi-13 srfi-27 srfi-69 srfi-133 system

The 'compile.scm' script uses the Chicken Scheme system egg to build the project. Build, load and execute in csi with one of the following:

make run
csi -q compile.scm

Build files (src/*.so and *.import.*) can be removed with make clean.

If rlwrap is available on the system, make [run] will use it.


Currently, only world generation and inspection is available. Play around with it, delve into the horror that is the code, and be impressed.


Schemer Kings is licensed under GNU GPL-v3. See the LICENSE for more details.

Copyright (C) 2017 Billy Brown

Install instructions

Information for installing and running the game is provided in the README.md file.

Source code available at: https://gitlab.com/Druid-of-Luhn/schemer-kings


Source Code (Chicken Scheme) 25 kB


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It does not compile, I get the error

`Error: (import) during expansion of (import ...) - cannot import from undefined module: system`

Thanks for having a go! Do you have the `system` egg installed?

`chicken-install system`


you may add it to the install instructions, for people not familiar with chicken scheme